Want to learn more? SMART529 Select has the resources you need when it comes to planning for higher education. Read on to learn more about the potential benefits and features of 529 plans, planning for college, and making the most of your investments.

The What & Why of 529s


A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage families to save for college.

Earnings on your SMART529 Select account grow tax-deferred, leaving all of your money invested to accumulate for college.

Are you making the most of your 529 plan? The more you know about your 529 plan, the more you may be able to benefit from it.

Saving for College


College Savings Choices
You have several choices when you are determining your college savings strategy. The following chart highlights the most popular choices and the potential tax advantages of each.


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Meeting with Real Estate Agent

Estate & Legacy Planning
Did you know that assets held in a SMART529 plan are generally not subject to federal estate tax? Usually, contributions made to SMART529 accounts will not be included in your estate.


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University students studying, from above

College Savings Strategies
The demand placed on parents and students to fund a college education has grown tremendously, and with it the need for financial strategies to help the college cause.


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Calculating Projected
Educational Costs

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