Privacy Policy

Keeping information about you private and secure is very important to the Board of Trustees of the West Virginia College and Jumpstart Savings Programs. This Policy is to help you understand that the information we receive and what we do with it depends upon what you provide to us. We also want you to know that this Policy applies to information you provide us in-person, e-mail, by telephone, by mail or through our website.

Our website offers you on-line access to information about the West Virginia College Savings Program. As various matters affect this Policy, such as technological advances and changes in the law, we must reserve the right to alter, amend or modify this Policy at any time and without prior notice.


As to your privacy, we will not obtain Personally Identifying Information about you unless you choose to provide such information to us. Personally Identifying Information is information that allows someone to identify or contact you, such as your name or your physical or electronic mail address (“e-mail”). If, in-person, by telephone, by mail , through the website, or through e-mail, you request information, submit an application, enter into a contract, request changes to your account, or make a payment, we keep a record of the information you provide and hold the information in the strictest of confidence.
Should you provide us an e-mail address you are at the same time granting SMART529 permission to send e-mail messages for SMART529 marketing purposes at the e-mail address you have provided. You may discontinue this at any time by responding “Unsubscribe.” We will only disclose information we maintain to our employees, our agents and our contractors to help us provide you the services you request. We will not release, provide, rent, sell or trade personal information to anyone else, unless required by law. For example, all public records are subject to disclosure pursuant to the West Virginia Freedom of Information Act, West Virginia Code §29B-1-1 et seq., unless release of personal information would constitute an unreasonable invasion of privacy. Social Security Numbers and credit or debit card numbers of individuals and their dependents are exempt from disclosure to non-governmental entities under the West Virginia Freedom of Information Act. Furthermore, West Virginia Code §18-30-12 provides that information that would tend to disclose the identity of an account owner, beneficiary or donor is exempt from disclosure under the West Virginia Freedom of Information Act.
As to securing your information, we will do our very best to protect your information in accordance with industry standards of security and confidentiality. More importantly, we will never attempt to collect personal information from children.
We value your interest in the West Virginia College Savings Program. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Board at the West Virginia State Treasurer's Office, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Charleston, WV 25305 or at (304) 558-5000 or 1-800-422-7498.