General Information

Is SMART529 Select a "Qualified Tuition Program"?
What are the eligibility requirements for participation?
How much does it take to open a SMART529 Select account?
Who controls the account?
At what colleges and trade schools can I use my SMART529 assets?
What happens if the child receives a scholarship?
What are the options if my child doesn't attend college or if the money saved is not needed for college expenses?
What if the Designated Beneficiary dies or becomes disabled and does not attend college?
Can I transfer my UGMA/UTMA account to a SMART529 Select account?
Can I roll over unused 529 Funds to Roth IRA Accounts?

Eligible Expenses

What college expenses can I save for with SMART529 Select?
What other educational expenses can SMART529 Select be used for?
Are there college expenses that I cannot use SMART529 Select assets for?


What are the federal tax advantages?

Account Information

Can I change the Beneficiary?
How do I make changes to my account?
Can I change my investment option (investment strategy)?
Can I access my account online?
How do I make additional contributions to my account?


How do I withdraw money from the account?

Opening an Account

How do I enroll?


What's the most that can be contributed per Designated Beneficiary?
What's the minimum contribution per Designated Beneficiary?