Plan Details

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Features and Benefits

As the account owner you maintain complete control of your SMART529 account, including how contributions are invested and when withdrawals are made.

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Investment Options

SMART529 Select offers a variety of investment portfolios tailored to individual investor's savings needs.

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Performance and Pricing

View the latest investment performance for all portfolios using our SMART529 Select Investment Performance chart. Also view information about the fees and expenses of the portfolios.

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Legacy / Estate Planning

Did you know that assets held in a SMART529 Select plan are generally not subject to federal estate tax? Usually contributions made to SMART529 Select accounts will not be included in your estate.

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Even if you are not an account owner you can contribute.


Any additional gifts to the same beneficiary in that 5-year period would be subject to federal gift tax. If the donor elects to treat the gift as being made over 5 years, and the donor dies prior to the end of that 5-year period, the portion of the gift allocable to the period after the donor's death will be included in the donor's estate. Estate tax treatment may differ by state. Please consult your tax professional for more information.